Adieu, Dana Doggett, Adieu!

When my danadoggett.com domain expires I will not be renewing this website. Last year I thought I was going to get rid of this website, but I did not. Looking back on 2014 I really did not add much content to this site. I haven't been inspired or motivated to create new pieces of Photoshop artwork, and my desire to write fanfic has dwindled away.

And after the past year, I'm ready to leave my screen name, Dana Doggett, for good. I'm walking away from all of the X-Files pages and groups that I've joined over the years. I no longer feel the need to discuss that show, and I haven't wanted to interact with fans of the show who can still find it fun to beat a dead horse (aka discuss the same topics over and over and over and over and over, ad nauseam). Yes, I still plan on keeping my John Doggett and Doggett/Scully fansite, and a few of the fanlistings that I maintain. I just do not have it in me to get into the same discussions (and avoid the same types of arguments that some X-Files fans attempt to start with me). I'm so tired of it all. Yay for you if you still find enjoyment in discussing the same things over and over again, I'm happy that "The X-Files" still brings you enjoyment, but from here on out, I will only discuss the series with friends that I've made online who are truly my friends. Their opinions and thoughts are the only ones I care to hear and discuss anyway.

I think in time I might be able to revisit a sorta-kinda series rewatch (avoiding episodes that I detest), but having been exposed (over-exposed?) to redundant fandom discussions, wank, online stalkers, a real life stalker, harrassment, false accusations, fans trying to instigate fights/flame wars with me, etc. I just don't find that much enjoyment from the series and its fans at present time.

Now before any of you go "Haha! I knew it! She hates "The X-Files"! I was right all along! HA!", no, I do not hate "The X-Files". I like the show, I love some of the episodes and characters, but I do not hate it. Of course, as usual, I'm positive some of you X-Files fans have made up your mind about me ages ago, and that's ok. I know my own thoughts, opinions, likes and dislikes. I don't need you to believe what I say to be content with my life. Go on, really, go on and believe whatever opinion you have about me (or were told about me from others whom I've never interacted with online). I've grown used to reading opinions about me from people I've never actually interacted with who like to share said opinions about me to others who don't know me in order to make me this monster or terrible person. I know what is said about me is not true, and over time it's all just funny to me now.

I've deleted already my Serenity of X, Addicted To Doggett, FRVS, Robert Patrick Archives, and Dana Doggett Facebook pages. I deleted my Serenity of X, DoggettScully, and Dana Doggett Tumblr pages. I've deleted my Dana Doggett LiveJournal, and the LiveJournal communities I managed: Addicted To Doggett, Doggett/Scully, FRVS.

I'm not sure when this website will go away, I think my domain expires in June or July. I'll be making sure that all of my John Doggett, Doggett/Scully artwork/manipulations and fanfic will be archived on Semper Fi before this site goes down. I'm not sure what I'll do with my other pieces (artwork/fanfic). I'll probably just keep them on my computer harddrive.

For those out there that would still like to check out my fanfic, I will be keeping my account with Fanfiction.net, and I've recently gone on there and updated it with all the fanfic that had been archived on this website. I seriously doubt I'll be writing anymore fanfic, but I will keep up my Dana Doggett Fanfiction.net account as the only place online where Dana Doggett will remain.

For those of you who read "Fox & Rat" Virtual Series (FRVS), that site will be made static sometime this year. Plans to write a mini-series or another movie fell through. And since FRVS was the very first X-Files online virtual series, myself and my sister, Little Albatross (who helped write the series), want to keep the website up for fandom historical reasons. Not that anyone still revisits FRVS to read the old episodes, and I doubt we'll ever get new readers to the series, but still, FRVS was ten years of hard work and dedication, and I view it as my first online "baby". I'm quite proud of that series.

I plan on keeping the Semper Fi and FRVS websites around for as long as I still have the desire to pay for the server space and domains. I'll likely be handing off some of my fanlistings to other owners (probably getting rid of some of them in the process).

I made these 2015 New Year Resolutions to myself a few months ago: decrease my online fandom presence, get rid of fanlistings, leave X-Files groups, clean up my friends list on my facebook account, etc. and since the beginning of this year (4 days in now) I've done extremely well, and will hold myself to them because I believe doing these things will make me feel much better about my time online and who I interact with. I hope you all understand.

For those of you, in the X-Files fandom, who took the time to actually get to know me and befriend me, I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. You are the reason why Dana Doggett lasted this long, and you are the reason why the fansites, Facebook groups and page will remain online. When fandom wank tried to pull me down to their level of hatred and immaturity, y'all were there to talk about other, more important, things. I appreciate every single one of you and look forward to continuing our online friendships for years to come.

I make no promises to reply, but if you feel so inclined to contact me, you may send me an email at: danadoggett@yahoo.com


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